This unique selection of 6 highly charged paintings are available as originals only.

Only if you are ready for a very high level of Love energy...!

"Divine Passion" 90x90 cm
"Divine Passion" 90x90 cm

Acrylic on Gallery canvas. € 9.100 Powerful Love boost with delicious energy for the Soul!

"Divine Heart" 50x50 cm
"Divine Heart" 50x50 cm

Acrylic on Gallery canvas. € 3.900 Divine Essence: rely on it! You will be stronger.

"Yin & Yang Merging"  50x61 cm
"Yin & Yang Merging" 50x61 cm

Oil on canvas. n/a Yin & Yang melting into One, facilitating the balancing of your nature.

"A New Earth"  61x 50 cm
"A New Earth" 61x 50 cm

Oil on canvas. € 4.000 Your Being is filled with the Immense Love of the new Earth.

"Cosmic Fire & Water"  61x50 cm
"Cosmic Fire & Water" 61x50 cm

Oil on canvas. € 4.300 Cosmic Fire & Water purifies and allows for new Beginnings!

"Love Force"  50x61 cm
"Love Force" 50x61 cm

Acrylic on canvas. n/a Love Energy supports and magnifies your own Love aspect.