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     Expand into greater Joy
    Intuitive Art for the Heart!



Welcome to Art by Anette!

Creating uplifting energy paintings is my passion.  

Man has always created - mostly unconsiously. But Now is the time to become very concious about what we are creating. When we create from our core, our Love, Peace and Life will unfold in beautiful ways. 


Resting your attention on one of the intuitive paintings may speak to a deeper level of conciousness within you, enhancing your ability to touch your own inner truth. 

Each painting works energetically with its owner, supporting change, strengthening Love, uplifting the senses, cleansing that which needs to go or opening doors to dimensions yet unknown.

For the revealing name of a specific painting - click on its image in the Gallery.


Browse through the Gallery and check out which painting speaks to You!

The more of us who embrace our innate Being, the more light we contribute to Mama Earth, thus fulfilling one of our purposes on the gorgeous planet. 



Anette Graucob



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