Commissioned  Soul Paintings

Ready to know more about You - who YOU really are?

Interested in having a stronger relationship with your own Self?



Anette will tune into your Higher Self and create a painting with your very Own frequencies. 

A Soul Painting is not only colours and form on canvas. A Soul Painting is a wonderful way of getting deeper in touch with your true inner desires, a way to recieve loving energetic support, becoming more aware of your life patterns and helping you clear clutter from your life. 

A painting will have a long life span, it will change and adapt according to your life situations

It is very much alive energetically, supporting you on your path to greater Peace, Love and Inner Abundance. 


Individual Soul Paintings are produced upon request.

Sizes begin at 46x55 cm/18.1x21.6'' at € 990.

Choose from any standard size beginning at 46x55 cm/18.1x21.6''...or choose a larger size of your liking.

The art works are created with acrylics on cotton canvases with a protective coating for optimal durability.

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