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Divine Essence Healing

Welcome to Divine Essence Healing!

With Divine Essence Healing, healing and rejuvenation is possible on many planes - on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies. Karmic imprints  can be removed, Soul fragments healed, Soul contracts released, your connection to your Higher Self strengthened and much more. This healing can also clear energy on all life times and all time all depends on what you as an individual need at a specific point in time. 

However, the aim of all healing should be to bond closer to your Higher Self, to Become your Higher Self. When you achieve a stronger connection with the Truth of who you really are, you will find your own personal way to heal and rejuvenate yourself and your life - this is the place of true empowerment!


    Medical disclaimer: DEH is not a substitute for medical care. If you have a medical, psychological or other ailment, see a licensed physician or practitioner.

    Is Divine Essence Healing for You?

    There are many ways and methods of healing and rejuvenating. Divine Essence Healing is one. DEH is an extensive energy healing method that I received intuitively 15 years ago, and it's constantly increasing in speed and efficiency. DEH is divine energy sent from the highest possible realms that you are able to receive, usually from the 24th dimension or higher. The healing energy is orchestrated in a way that is for your individual highest good at all times. Maybe you have some physical aches or pains but the cause lies in Soul wounds...thus DEH affects multiple layers. Whatever it is that you need at the time is what will be given. 

    Do you want more peace and harmony in life, better health, a calmer mind with more positive thoughts and more happiness in life? Then DEH could be for you.


    Send me an email for more info or schedule a session:

    With infinite love,

    Annette Graucob

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